What do Bill the Butcher and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Now what could these two men have in common? One is a candidate to become the republican nominee in the current presidential race, the other is a mob boss who will stop at nothing to get his way. His way is what makes the connection between these two political powerhouses: there is a distinct dislike of immigrants. … More What do Bill the Butcher and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Out the Bad

By TIFFANY CONTRERAS “They were totally unqualified to try the case of a lifetime… but every underdog has his day.” To what lengths would you go to prove your point? What would you do to expose a company of its unlawfulness? Matt Damon can show you the perfect way to go about these situations in … More Out the Bad

If you Never Aged

By TIFFANY CONTRERAS What would you do if you knew you weren’t going to age? You may have heard someone say, “I wish I could stay young forever,” or “I want to live forever.” What would you do if you actually could? Well, Adaline Bowman has a few words for you. When everyone you love … More If you Never Aged

There is Hope

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” -Desmond Tutu Hope has many different meanings. A desire for a better future, wishing your current circumstance was more appealing, even wishing that you will influence others so they may one day be better than yourself. In each case they have … More There is Hope

I Understand…

All we want is to be understood. There is some truth to that. In any kind of relationship there should be a level of trust and a level of understanding. That understanding of one other usually leads to stronger feelings and a closer relationship. For someone with bipolar disorder, that closeness is much harder to … More I Understand…