1.59 Billion Friends and a Few Enemies

How long does it take you before you check your Facebook page during the day? First thing in the morning before you get up out of bed? During breakfast? Or how about during work when the pace slows down?

Facebook has redefined our generation. Millennials are associated with being plugged into our devices and social media. Now 1.59 billion people are currently using Facebook around the world. On average about 40 minutes of our day is spent checking Facebook according to a Business Insider survey. On our computers, tablets, and smartphones we make it easier than ever to stay connected with our friends at all times and in all places. We have Mark Zuckerburg to thank but I’m sure some people aren’t as grateful.

social network

In the movie The Social Network, we follow the story of Mark Zuckerburg, an awkward Harvard undergrad who discovers a way to display the ideal college experience online. Jesse Eisenburg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerburg comes off as apathetic and narcissistic. Throughout the movie you will see Mark hunched over walking around in a hoodie and flip flops. Eyes sunken in, he works tirelessly in front of his computer to introduce the students of Harvard to the digital age. It is because of his relentless work that we even have the term millennials.

Facebook became an instant hit but not without creating a few enemies. There were those who were caught in bad business deals and bridges were burned by Zuckerburg in order to become the youngest billionaire in the world. One group of students even claimed that Mark stole their idea. Nothing was proven and settlements were made before legal action could really take place. No one anticipated the growth that Facebook experienced but everyone wanted to get their hands on it. Call Mark a genius or a traitor what he did has changed society for good.

Social media is the most common form of communication throughout the world. It has become the greatest tool, or what others would call the greatest hindrance, to the modern generation’s progression. Is it true that because we have a constant need to be plugged in that we lack in our interpersonal communications? Possibly. Are we networking more effectively throughout the world and in turn restoring relations? Absolutely.

Facebook was the foundation that has produced hope and great change for technology. Because of Facebook we see the rise of other social media providers such as Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter. All these different sites vary in their usage but have the same inherent goal as Facebook: connect millions of people together and share their interests. Millennials crave that attention from those around them but that attention has lead to some of the greatest expansions in digital communications.

Although the road to success was paved with depositions, settlements, and long hours Mark Zuckerburg accomplished the unthinkable. With Facebook we have the unique opportunity to connect, share, and record our personal histories. Our generation is evolving.

“We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we are going to live on the internet!”




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