If you had a Second Chance….


Jennifer Love Hewitt as Samantha in If Only - 2004
Ian and Samantha in If Only

Tears streamed down her face, as she ended what she believed would last a lifetime.

“But I adore you,” said Ian.

“I don’t want to be adored,” Samantha said. “I want to be loved.”


Samantha burst out of a London restaurant in tears and climbed into a taxi. Ian chased after her and the taxi stopped.

“Are you going to get in?”

Silence was all the answer she needed. The taxi drove off. Ian stood there, quickly realizing that his life had just driven away, and it was his fault. He ran after the taxi, but what he saw was far worse than what he had envisioned.

The taxi collided with a bus and Samantha was immediately sent to the hospital. In chronic tears, Ian waited outside of the hospital window, staring at Samantha – until she took her last breath.

“If only I had treated them better;” “if only I had paid closer attention to them;” “if only….” These thoughts echoed in his mind. He went home, grabbed her diary and read entries that included her confession to love for him and how she couldn’t wait to play him the song she had been working on for him. Ian lay in bed, crying and regretting his lack of attention to her.

The sun awakens, along with a voice he didn’t think he would ever hear again.

“Read one more word and I’ll kill you.”

How could it be Samantha? She died last night – or so he thought.

What would you do if you knew it was your last day on earth and you had a second chance at making things right?

Ian spent the entire last day proving to Samantha how much he loves her. He took her to his childhood neighborhood: a place he had kept to himself throughout their entire relationship. He sneakily grabbed one of her sheet music compositions that she had written, made copies and distributed it to every musician who was playing in the symphony of which she was a part. He attended her concert, and then saw the smile that swept across her face when she realized that the symphony was playing her song; she got up and started singing.

Ian took her to the same London restaurant from before, and everything was going right. When they left the restaurant, he told her how much he loves her, but it was clear that he was in a panic because the night was coming to an end. They got into the taxi and got into an accident, but something different happened.

Samantha cried in the hospital room, grieving Ian’s death.

Ian died, thinking Samantha was going to die. Would he have acted differently if he had known he was the one who was going to die this time?

I once read a quote that said, “It’s not that we don’t see what we have until it’s gone – we just never thought it would be gone.”

There are many people who don’t feel loved when they die. According to the Washington Post, there is a “10 minute increase in commuting time,” as well as a “10 percent decrease in time spent establishing and maintaining social ties.”

Let’s break this cycle, be more social with our loved ones and vocalize our love for them. Let’s not let another loved one of ours die without knowing they’re loved.



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