Are We All Crashing Into Each Other?

Los Angeles.

A city fueled by the differences of its population. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. They work together. Go to school together. Although the appearance of cohabitation is clear, are we truly color blind? Do we really look past the cultural and racial differences and treat everyone fairly?

Crash challenges this.

We begin with Detective Walters, a black man who sets the scene on the city of Los Angeles. About the need for people to crash into each other. The movie follows the interconnecting story lines of a group of people who are turned around and stunted by the differences in each others race. Although none of them would consider themselves racist, the amount of racist jokes and stabs at each other would prove otherwise.

The movie itself revolves around the characters and their instinct. Their initial acts and words without thinking. For instance, one man assumed that since his shop was vandalized it was the man who fixed his lock the day before that is responsible. However it more of the language barrier between the shop owner and the locksmith that posed the issue.

Do we find ourselves acting or blaming before thinking just because of someone’s outward appearance? We don’t want to appear racist. We also won’t think of ourselves as being outwardly racist. But I refuse to think that there is such a thing as colorblindness. We do see color. We see racial and cultural differences, it is most often the first difference we see in others. We have received many negative connotations and society is trying to help us see each other as one. One big mess of a people who are one in the same. But in turn, we are so focused on treating everybody equally that we forget to treat people fairly.

Crash can be a difficult film to go through. It challenged my thinking on my personal actions toward others. What I got out of it though was not that I was racist and a terrible human being just like the characters thought they were. The point that stood out to me was the fact that these people were so quick to anger and so quick to violence that it effected the lives of those around them in a great way.

Everyone has a different story. We won’t be able to understand everyone’s story nor are we meant to. I find there is a great reason we are all different. However, I also know that our assumptions tend to get in the way of seeing people as they really are. Hate is fueling our society today. It changed the lives of all the characters in this movie. Anger and hate led to irrational behavior. I don’t know if it could have prevented any of their life events, but perspective could have changed their own progression.

If I could issue a challenge to those who read this it would be this: let go. Let go of your anger and your hate. Try to change your perspective and think of how the people around you are processing the situation. Help instead of hurt. Love is the greatest need we have in this world, and I’m asking you to take part in it.



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