If you Never Aged

Elise (left); Adaline Bowman (right)


What would you do if you knew you weren’t going to age?

You may have heard someone say, “I wish I could stay young forever,” or “I want to live forever.” What would you do if you actually could? Well, Adaline Bowman has a few words for you.

When everyone you love gets older and ages, and you’re the only one who doesn’t, “it’s just heartbreak.”

Blake Lively plays Adaline Bowman in the Age of Adaline. Bowman gets into a car accident when a magical twist occurs: her body stops, keeping her the same age of 29 years old for eight decades. Her daughter soon surpasses her age, and Bowman is alone because she can’t maintain a relationship due to her constant moving to avoid people’s curiosity of her consistent youth.

“Hello, I’m Elise,” said a tall, dark and handsome man in an elevator with Bowman.

That was the moment everything had changed.

Bowman tried her hardest to avoid Elise – and love in general. She knew that it would only lead to heartbreak, so she ran from it. This is a common trait in many women when it comes to love. They fear that it will only break their hearts in the end. Although Bowman’s reason for running from love differs from most women’s reasons, the ultimate purpose stems from protecting our hearts… But what if the person from whom we’re running is the person worth loving?

Bowman ran from Elise, but he continued to call her and make a presence; he wanted to get to know her because he cared about her. When someone shows persistence and continually shows you that they want to be in your life, maybe take another look at the situation. Bowman truly wanted to have Elise in her life, but she was afraid of telling him the truth about how she doesn’t age. This was a secret she had kept hidden for eight decades, with the exception of her daughter.

What happened when she was honest and told him the truth? He understood.

Sometimes we think people won’t understand certain things in our lives, especially secrets we’ve kept hidden, but it’s important to trust those who have proven more than once that they’re genuinely interested in our hearts and lives.

The advantage we have that Bowman didn’t is that we do, indeed, age. We also don’t run into past loves 60 years later because we’re dating their son – at least I hope you wouldn’t.

Bowman had previously dated Elise’s father when they were in their 20s. His father was getting ready to propose to Bowman when she saw him sitting on a bench, holding a ring. She stood him up because she feared love and telling him the truth. Well, she didn’t get to hide for long. When she went to meet Elise’s parents, his father knew exactly who she was.

That’s one thing we, thankfully – and hopefully – do not have to fear.

Let someone in who has proven worthy to be in your life, and don’t fear what hasn’t yet come.


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