Out the Bad


“They were totally unqualified to try the case of a lifetime… but every underdog has his day.”

To what lengths would you go to prove your point? What would you do to expose a company of its unlawfulness? Matt Damon can show you the perfect way to go about these situations in Josh Grisham’s The Rainmaker. Rudy Baylor (Damon) is a law student who is hired by a law firm to take on some cases, but the money he makes will be divided among three people. Baylor was assigned a case in which an insurance company refused to pay for a cancer patient’s treatment and called them “stupid, stupid, stupid.”

As any mother would, this patient’s mother was enraged. She hired Baylor to take on the case. When Baylor passed the bar exam, he was able to go to court to further take on the case. This is when he exposed this insurance company for what it really is. They sued the company for $3 million – and won. This was Baylor’s first case, and he earned himself a very respectful reputation in the world of law.

While this was going on, he had fallen in love with a lady who was being abused by her husband. When she filed for divorce, Baylor took the case. His goal was to expose the husband for what he was, as well. Two cases right out of law school. I’d say he did pretty well.

This film details the specifics of Baylor’s time defending the patient and the girl with whom he fell in love, as well as a sweet relationship he has with an elderly lady who allowed him to stay in her guest house. This movie describes the life of a college student, a law student and a striving lawyer. Not only does this describe these crucial parts of life, it describes a person just trying to make it in life. It describes a person struggling to fit into the world of law, a person trying to win a case to do the right and a person who’s fallen in love with a woman who’s afraid to leave her abusive husband. These are aspects of life that sometimes are ignored that need to be spoken about, and The Rainmaker does this.

How far would you go to expose someone or a company for what they truly are for the dignity of mankind? The first thing you need to make this happen is passion. You need passion for what you’re doing, and then you’ll be able to conquer anything.

The second thing you need is education. You need to be educated in the field into which you want to go. When you combine passion with education, you’re determined to win everything for which you set goals. Everything stems from these two components. Damon exemplified this theory perfectly. He set an example of possible results that come from hard work and determination, passion and education.

If your dreams are as far from a lawyer as they can get, use this as an example of how hard work pays off. Do what your heart tells you because you might reveal something that needs to be exposed.


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