Fake It Till You Make It


What is the harm of a little, white lie? Would you be willing to lie about yourself if it meant keeping you off the street?

That’s exactly what Miss Pettigrew does in this wildly comedic film. Although Miss Pettigrew lies throughout the film, it helps her to discover talents and creates experiences she would not have had otherwise. Now is that so bad?

We come into the movie when Miss Pettigrew is fired from yet another job. Her agency employer excuses her altogether which leads to Miss Pettigrew stealing the business card of a London socialite who is looking for a social secretary. Delysia Lafosse is faced with a dilemma of her own as she is juggling 3 men and is trying so desperately to become a star. Throughout the one day in which they spend together, Miss Pettigrew “fakes” her identity and knowledge to help Delysia’s life and only changes it for the better, helping her realize that love is truly the only thing that matters.

Over the course of the movie, we see Miss Pettigrew become someone that nobody wanted into someone that everyone admires and seeks out for advice. In the end, her true self comes out and she is adored by not only Delysia but also a wonderful man named Joe. How could all of this happen in the space of 24 hours? You could say that it was the quick thinking and handiness of Miss Pettigrew. She simply “faked it until she made it.”

The concept of faking it till you make it is one with high praise in the business world. If you simply want to become something than you pretend you are and eventually you will believe yourself. It seems like a very simple principle but the application is  a lot harder than it sounds. If Miss Pettigrew ever had a failing moment during that day, Delysia might have thrown her out on the street. Her advice which became so useful to others would have been overlooked. In turn, she would not have found a new friend or new love after those 24 short hours.

Although the movie begins with a lie and throughout we see Miss Pettigrew lying to many others, I think that her “faking it” helps her to actually find herself. She was a very simple minded woman and had very small ambitions. As she pretended over the course of the day, she became more confident of who she was and others liked her for her honesty. How ironic.

If you ever are confronted with a hard trial or an unknown fate, just remember that confidence is key. Faking it till to you make it has its place in life. It builds confidence in ourselves that we would have kept hidden otherwise. Believe in yourself will unlock talents and abilities that you have never pictured before. Don’t let yourself stand in the way. Be like Miss Pettigrew and truly live for a day.



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