What do Bill the Butcher and Donald Trump Have in Common?

bill the butcher trump

Now what could these two men have in common? One is a candidate to become the republican nominee in the current presidential race, the other is a mob boss who will stop at nothing to get his way. His way is what makes the connection between these two political powerhouses: there is a distinct dislike of immigrants.

One would say that these two characters are xenophobic: they have a strong dislike or hatred towards people from other countries. However strong their views, they have cunning and persuasive means in which they gain followers.

Bill the Butcher was a smooth talker and was able to gain most of his followers through fear of immigrants taking over the current job market. Back in 1863, there was a rush of Irish immigrants who were populating the greater portion of Lower Manhattan. This was Bill’s turf and he tried his hardest to keep it that way. What began as smooth talking and smart political moves became a full out bloody war in the end to keep the Americans on top.

Donald Trump is sick and tired of the country being overrun by illegal immigrants. He has said time and time again that he is going to build a hundred foot wall between us and Mexico and Mexico is going to pay for it. Other times he has threatened to close our borders to Muslim immigrants and to kick out the current immigrants in order to protect us from future ISIS attacks. He singled out that Muslims are responsible and that we can protect ourselves by keeping Americans here and everyone else out.

Although Donald Trump’s methods are not quite so violent, his followers at his rally have often had violent outbursts to those who oppose him or stand up against him. He will often be quoted about hating violence and then will praise his followers for punching that guy with an anti-Trump sign. If he isn’t using violence now, it seems inevitable in his foreign policies.

America is a great country that has prided itself on diversity. That is now being torn apart with Trump’s desires to throw out the immigrants and he is becoming more and more like Bill the Butcher. Can you imagine a bloody war between neighbors? Are we headed toward another Civil War? Maybe not. But the American people need to decide are we better than what Trump is planning to do.

Don’t let fear and charisma fool you. Stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves.


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